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Information for Prospective Athletes


The Maribyrnong Sports Academy has been established to assist talented student athletes to achieve at the highest levels of performance in their chosen sport; and to help them with their personal, educational and vocational development.  The program has established key partnerships between the College, Department of Education and Training, Victoria University, Victorian Institute of Sport and the Western Bulldogs.


The aims of the Maribyrnong Sports Academy are to provide student athletes access to:-

  • A flexible, supportive and “athlete friendly” academic environment.  The academic program covers essential learning in English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Health and Physical Education, Technology and Arts, leading to graduation with Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).    
  • Quality coaching.
  • Competition & training opportunities matched to the athlete’s development and potential.
  • Sport Science services such as fitness testing, performance analysis, sports psychology and physiotherapy.
  • Work Experience and Career Education support and planning.
  • An extensive Personal Development program specific to the student athlete.


Support will be provided through the Athlete Development Program to assist student-athletes to balance their demanding schedules and achieve success at school as well as in their personal and sporting lives.


Conditions of the Enrolment:

By accepting the offer of a place in the Maribyrnong Sports Academy, a student-athlete agrees to the terms and conditions specified by the ‘Student Athlete Agreement.’

At Maribyrnong Sports Academy student-athletes are expected to commit to the following requirements:

  • work towards realising your full potential in both sport and studies;
  • conduct yourself in a manner that meets with the expectations and rules in both the Sports Academy and Maribyrnong College.
  • comply with all reasonable training requirements as laid down by the coach(es);
  • maintain personal habits of health that will contribute to sporting excellence;
  • abide by the rules and the spirit of the sport;
  • demonstrate sportsmanship and fair play principles when competing;
  • abide by uniform policy rules and represent the College and Sports Academy with respect
  • abstain from taking drugs that will modify growth, behaviour or performance (knowingly or unknowingly)
  • Some all-boys or all-girls classes may be required


Funding for Student Athletes:

Acceptance into the Maribyrnong Sports Academy means that a student has been granted significant extra funding by the Department of Education and Training (DET) to provide the following:   

Coaching for up to three technical sport training sessions per week; venue hire costs; equipment use; transport to and from training; access to expert sport science services including physical preparation staff, performance analysts, physiotherapist screening, sports psychology advice and diet / nutrition services. Some excursions and guest speakers are also covered by the funding.  Items not covered by these funds are covered by the Annual Sports Academy Fee which all parents pay. (See below)


Annual Fees & Sports Academy Uniforms:

As participation in the Maribyrnong Sports Academy is voluntary, not all costs will be covered within the College budget.  The total fee payable by parents for 2018 Sports Academy entry was $875.  Details of fee as follows: 

1. Parents contribute an annual Sports Academy fee of $375 as set by the Maribyrnong Sports Academy Advisory Board and the College Council. This Annual Fee will contribute to some extra costs associated with Sports Academy programs, including the leadership programs, excursions, visiting speakers etc.  Some excursions will incur additional costs, especially where accommodation and transport are required.  Parents will be given notice in advance of major excursions to assist with planning and budgeting.

2. Plus, there is also a one-time extra fee of $500 at enrolment as payment towards a complete start-up set of Sports Academy uniform items.   After entry, any extra Sports Academy uniforms items can be ordered by families directly from uniform supplier, Hanes Brands, through their online ordering process.

Golf Program: Please note there is an extra fee of $500 for a golf club membership.

Families will be advised on enrolment about separate academic charges at Maribyrnong College.


Application Process:




  1. Information Tour: The first step is to call the General Office on 9091 8100 to arrange an Information Tour of the college, including college classrooms and Sports Academy.  At the conclusion of each tour of the college a Sports Academy representative will be available to answer questions about the select-entry Admissions process for the Maribyrnong Sports Academy


  1. Online Application Form: The link to the online Sports Academy Program Athlete Application details can be found on the Maribyrnong Sports Academy website at .


  1. Photo: You will need to attach JPEG photo (head and shoulders) of your child where indicated.


  1. Birth Certificate: You will need to attach PDF scan of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport where indicated.


  1. Reports & NAPLAN: Attach PDF scans of all pages of school reports for 2017 (both semesters) plus the Grade 5 NAPLAN report. 


  1. Grade 6 Parent Information Evening: (Tuesday 20th March 2018):   “Applying for Year 7 in 2019”.  Please register to in advance for Information Evening about application and selection processes. 


  1. Submission Date: Submit online Athlete Application by the due date: Tuesday 17th April 2018


  1. Selection trials:  All applicants will be required to participate in general Physical Testing, as well as sport-specific selection trials with Maribyrnong Sports Academy coaches, as scheduled by Pathways Manager or Technical Coaching Director. Please note: Applicants may be required to attend several selection trials in some sports.


  1. Application Review:  All Applications and evidence will be thoroughly reviewed by the Admissions Committee to ensure the student-athlete meets the dual suitability criteria for the program.  A key aim is to ensure the balance between academic achievement and sporting excellence can be achieved.  Academic records for the previous two years are reviewed with particular attention given to each student’s achievement grades plus conduct, effort, and participation comments. This is matched against the student’s demonstrated achievements in sport.  Please attach evidence of all state and national level achievements.


  1. Year 7 selection and interviews:  If successful at both stages of evaluation, i.e., review of academic reports as well as Physical Testing and Selection Trials with coaches, parents and carers will receive an email later in Term 2, to offer a Sports Academy place for Year 7 in 2019. Sports Academy interviews will be organized during Term 4 to welcome new Year 7 student-athletes who will start in 2019.  This interview usually involves the student and one or both parent with the Admissions Officer.   The interview includes an explanation of the Student-Athlete Agreement.



  1. IMPORTANT: Progressive and Annual Reviews.  Acceptance into Maribyrnong Sports Academy for Year 7 does not lead to automatic acceptance in the following year. Student-athletes and families are required to sign a Student-Athlete Agreement each year.  Both academic achievement and sporting progress are regularly reviewed throughout each year through a process of five-weekly reports from teachers and coaches.  Student-athletes are therefore required to consistently satisfy academic, conduct and sporting criteria in order to maintain their place in Sports Academy each year, according to the agreed conditions in the Student-Athlete Agreement
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